stefficus (stefficus) wrote in 07allnighter,


i'm posting just a bit early, because i'm getting a lot of game-linky-love and i want to capitalize on it. to that end: i'd love it if someone would suggest a title i can write a story for, if not for the very next post, then at least within an hour of them suggesting it. i need something to focus on.

i'm not getting sleepy, exactly - it's the wrong time of night for a night person like myself to do that - but my eyes are getting sensitive. i'm wearing my sunglasses with the spiffy drivewear lenses in them, and it's helping rather a lot. yeah. that's part of WHY i'm a night person, i'm sure. veeeeery light sensitive. practically vampiric. but if i just shut off all the lights, the screen glares at me after a while, so shades it is. they're in low light mode! it's ok, really!

you all have a song in your head now, doncha? hehehe.

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