stefficus (stefficus) wrote in 07allnighter,

looking askance

ok. *steeeee-RECH!* it's time for... something. maybe chips and salsa. i have said it before, and i'll say it many more times, much to the annoyance of everyone, i'm sure: i could live on those things. (i have also wanted, for a while now, to write a book titled "the chips and salsa diet", but i can't decide if it's a spoof diet book, a cozy-style mystery, or a story about a vegas showgirl who finds herself and true love with a competitive latin dancer.)

or a walk. i might go for a walk after this post.

huh. yes. that's the thing. c&s upon return, then.

will someone please suggest something? (unless nobody likes my stories, in which case tell me and put me out of your misery. *grin*) or at least sponsor me for a few dollars so i can post an entry about that instead.

hint, hint.

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