stefficus (stefficus) wrote in 07allnighter,

then there were two

...and this is one of them.

i now have the lollipop song in my head, thanks to - uh, some blogger someplace. someone who was blogging for MS... the gnat-off-my-sandwich blog, maybe? it doesn't matter, it's now stuck in me brain and it won't comes out. when i was 9 or 10, i fell from the top of a swingset (never you mind what i was doing up there to begin with) and was knocked out for a few minutes. during these few minutes, a giant lollipop followed me. i remember it very clearly. it wasn't yellow (or orange), but purple, and it had no face. still, i'm sure this song did it to me. (ok, the concussion is what did it, but that's not the point i'm making. trying to make. whatever.)

so, i'm going to go for a brief walk in the lovely morning mistiness, and hope i can skate the fine line between exorcising the song and not waking myself up too much.

and for those of you just arriving - good morning, and now's your chance to sponsor my blog for the fine people and livestock over at heifer international. just click the shiny round button.

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