stefficus (stefficus) wrote in 07allnighter,


whew! i was in the wrong window, and i thought i forgot 11 o'clock.

say hello to all the b-schedule people. ("hi...")

oh, right, my superpowers. they're... ok, they're mostly useless, although it has been quite handy, at various points of my life and in specific situations (like working night shift and keeping daen_wiser awake for 24 hours - oh, and reading hp7 overnight so i could remain spoiler-free going to see "spamalot") to be able to change/lengthen my sleep cycle at will and into nearly unrecognizable shapes. being a night owl helps with that, i suppose.

another superpower is being able to flat out cry right next to someone and not have them even know it. this one is particularly useless because 1) it's extremely rare for me to cry anyway and 2) only a handful of people have ever seen it, whether they knew it or not. i just... don't cry much*.

a superpower i've just noticed (and which goes with my dubious talent for getting to the end of a plot twist before it's even been properly set up) is that i have an infallible instinct for when a car bomb is about to explode onscreen.

honestly, this entire post is a ploy to get australian_joe to share HIS superpower. *grin*

(*except for sad animal stories oh my lord i just choke up. gah!)

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