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blogathon game 3

these are great for prompts to write to. and hey, if i win a sponsorship or more readers, so much the better.

the subject this time was, "wanna hear something scary?" i'm not sure this is what she meant, but it's the first thing that popped into my head. it actually sounds pretty tame. but here ya go.

my then-fiance was driving me from missouri to wisconsin to see my mom for christmas. it was after dark, and we were just doing the road-trip thing, eating junk food, singing along with the radio, speeding and watching for cops... the usual.

a car passed us, as dozens of cars had, and i caught a glimpse of the guy inside. he was a normal enough guy... average build, clean-shaven, darkish hair cut short. he was wearing a pale blue shirt, and he just had a driving expression, nothing special. he didn't look around or gesture or do anything out of the ordinary, but when i glanced over at him, my heart stopped. i felt cold, and i got an overwhelming, sickening sensation of pure, unadulterated, gleeful evil.

now, i know how that sounds. i wasn't going to say a word about it - the guy i was with was (and still is) maddeningly practical and... not unimaginative, but not prone to imaginings, if you see what i mean. but he gulped and said to me, "that... that man was evil, wasn't he?"

THAT'S when i got chills instead of just fear and revulsion. we were torn for a moment between going after him to try to avert whatever disaster he was going to create and ignoring it, but only for a second. we would up getting off at the next exit to be sure we wouldn't accidentally catch up with him.

i know, it's all so subjective, but that was, quite possibly, the most scared i have ever been.

hold me. i'm scared all over again. *grin* or just sponsor me and the goats. that'll make me feel better, too.

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