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i can't find the cord, and the my laptop doesn't have a slot for... wait, maybe... hrm. no, there's no slot for an xD card. so the pictures will have to wait until i can find the usb cord for it.

it was such a cute little graveyard frog, too.

now. joe asked me if i'd ever had a picture taken of myself that i liked, and i gotta admit, there have been a few flukes. overall, my senior pictures weren't too bad. and there are one or two nudes from when nip matt was overseas that are actually pretty good, if i say so myself. but...

nobody believes how very anti-photogenic i am. i suppose it's another of my superpowers (anti-superpowers? supervillianpowers? chameleoning techniques?). let me just relate the time the sister tried ALL NIGHT to get a good picture of me one christmas. i'd gone to visit her, and the whole time we were opening presents (we tend to get carried away with gifts for each other (ok, her more so than me, so there were a LOT of photo ops for me)), she was snapping my picture, looking into the lcd screen, and giggling. she tried EVERYthing. when i was looking. when i was not looking. expecting it. not expecting it. expecting it but not right then. when i didn't know she had the camera at all. (she thought i was doing it on purpose, you see. why, i ask you, would i do that?)

every last one of them turned out atrociously. she got more and more frustrated - this is the woman who won awards for her photography when she worked for the newspaper. she kept saying, "HOW are you DOING that?" ("I. DON'T. KNOW!" *sob*) finally, she said, "we're going to try this (*click*) just a few (*click*) more times. (*click*) i'm serious, now, we... *snorkle* ah... what?? you look really cute right now, not just 'normal', cute! REALLY cute! how come i can't take even a decent picture?"

i said, "i'm challenging."


the resulting... i hesitate to call it a picture, so let's say "phenomena", was so inexplicably hideous that we both literally collaped onto the floor laughing on the spot. we showed it to her roomie's boyfriend, who'd been sitting in the room we were in the whole time. "who is that?" he asked. "that's me, darlin'." "bullshit! it is not. really, who IS that?" "it's... me. see the shirt? we were standing right over there." "oh... ooooooooHHHHHhhh dear god. damn. oh. sorry."

i suppose i can take some comfort in the fact that he didn't recognize me, right?

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