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the goatening's Journal
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Saturday, July 28th, 2007
10:30 pm
dork post
you know what i love? i love... ok, i love all sorts of gadgets, my digital voice recorder, my cell phone, all of that.

but i also love glow-in-the-dark stuff (i don't know - side effect of my night-owlness, maybe?) like my thinkgeek april fool's day t-shirt and, of course, my car buddha.

tonight i realized: i am utterly in love with my little, plastic camo-pattern banded watch with the glow-in-the-dark hands. i love to walk and i walk almost exclusively at night, and sometimes i just don't wanna take the cell. even if i do, it's not always terribly convenient to look at it to find out the time, especially if i'm talking on it.

so i just look at my $5 watch, in the dark, and it tells me what time it is without pushing a button or anything. magic! i love it.

10:06 pm
another sponsor!
actuallyy_x sponsored me!

it's a happy 10 pm post. *grin* i'm at the point where i'm mostly wandering other people's blogs, guessing at marbles as mentioned earlier, and OHYEAHHEYIFOUNDTHETAROTGUY. totally by accident. how funny is that?

it's funny. yes, it is. fun-haters. =p

(update: yo, steff. links to other people you're mentioning are nice. *fwap* ditz.)

9:29 pm
the walk was good. i have a few pictures of the graveyard i walked in, and one of the graveyard toad i found in it. doesn't that sound wonderfully fairytale-like? should i have kissed it? or, at least, wished on it?

i wish the damn tv wasn't still on. heh.

so, later will come pictures and talk of writing and probably more stories. as mentioned, i WILL take requests - you can even come up with a wholly different title (dear hermes, he's turned it up louder. wtf?) and i'll write to it.

don't worry, i'll come up with something. i'll at least stay awake, which is the whole point. most of the point. it's the easy part anyway, dammit! *grin*

ok, this is the point: i'm collecting for heifer international, remember? click da button.

8:56 pm
you gotta be kidding me
someone is prank-calling my cell phone.

and, i'm still here. i'm going for a short walk in a minute, in the hopes that it'll jog some kind of... something.

it's getting late, you guys need something to look at!

8:34 pm
maybe some sex should go here
but instead there will be a short exchange with the sister, as i was reading my blogathon poem to her:

"so why didn't you just write a haiku?"
"well... it's not thursday."
"it's thursday somewhere."
"no. no, it's not."

it's a lot harder to do this during prime time. the tv is very distracting, and there's not really a good way to get away from it because this house is teeny. even if i'm not watching whatever's on, it intrudes anyway.

wait, there was something with... pie charts? graphs? shiny things of some... kind? that i was gonna do?

*sigh* this was easier when i had goat material. i'm gonna have to drag out the duckies and bunnies and 'splain something, aren't i? *flails around in the closet for a few moments; boxes crash, steff swears, cats screech* ok. how many bunnies do i need to 'splain the fibonacci sequence? can... can i use alphabet letters instead if i run out? will anyone be too confused if i do that?

no, i need the bunnies for the genetics talk.

7:58 pm
only twelve more hours to go!

i feel like i should have fireworks or something.

i'll take sponsorships instead, though. =D

7:19 pm
no sponsorship, but!
i got an honorable mention in the poetry drawing! the first one! maybe i'll get some more visitors outta that. *rub hands together gleefully*

of course, it'd be nice to have some actual content for them when they get here. i'll get right on that. i need feedback, actually. should i post another story? should i just explain WHY i'm posting these very short, barely spell-checked stories and where they came from? (actually, let's try that, shall we? a couple of years ago during nanowrimo, a few of us on the adopt-a-title thread decided that the titles would work well for short stories, too, and that if we could write a novel in a month, we could write 30 short stories in 30 days. every day, a title was picked and we had a day to write a story for it. the randomness of it was appealing, and the results are over at the isadg community. more recently, i've taken some of those old titles and some of the ones from the '06 adopt-a-title thread at nano and a few of us have been writing to them by email. these are the ones (the newer ones) that i'm posting now. so, none of them took more than 20 minutes or so, none of them are edited, none of them have been knocking around forever - they were born solely because of the title, and quickly birthed. so.) does anyone want to see more of them?

well, tough. you may anyway. *grin*

i'm still trying to find the tarot card guy. if anyone stops by from blogathon and knows who i'm talking about, PLEASE let me know.


6:54 pm
as we go into the evening hours
i'm trying to re-find the guy who said he was posting tarot card readings every half-hour on his blog and link to him... 'cause i just think that sounds diverting. so far, i haven't had much luck.

i now officially (and only for the moment, i'm sure) have writer's block. i can't think of a single thing to babble about. i wanted this entry to be more than, "yeah, hi. anybody here? is this thing on? *tap tap*"

i guess we can't have everything.

i have switched to the other computer with the other internet access, at least for a while. this means that any pictures on my laptop are inaccessible until that web connection starts cooperating again. not, you understand, that i had anything riveting on it, but it would have taken up SOME space. heh.

one last random thought: i will not be convinced that the song key lime pie isn't dirty as hell. "but it's kenny chesney!" patty said. well... maybe it is, and maybe that's not as damning as it being by jimmy buffet or david allen coe or primus or some such, but... i'm sorry sweetie, but that song is DIRTY. i really can't hear it any other way.

6:47 pm
on the way back from the store (what? i needed chive chip dip.), i saw a sign in a yard that claimed, "God hates litterbugs."

a quick google search turns up very little evidence of this. i do know, however, that the-one-and-only-dave hates them. i guess that's good enough for me.

5:54 pm
mood: accomplished
air conditioner installed? check. (just a window unit, folks.)
update on the sister's cat heard (all is well)? check.
permission granted to post one of HER stories if i need material? check.
poem sent to games@blogathon.org? check!
rly rly bad poem posted here to be my six o'clock entry?

roses are red,
violets are blue.
it's for a good cause
so break out your blog-fu.

daisies are white,
lillies are, too.
since the drawing is random
i'm not really concerned about the rhymingness of this poem so everybody sponsor a blog and postpostpost, yeah!

check, check!

5:29 pm
token entry
placeholder post to say, "i'm still here!" while an air conditioner is hastily installed.


4:50 pm
five o'clock, and all's well!
*cough-as long as you don't include the air conditioner-cough* i can't believe i've been doing this for nine hours already. wow. only 30 more posts to go! hehe.

for this post, because we were speaking of... well, let's just have another story, shall we?


The Endless Silence of Violet the Dark

The humans had a problem. It was such a big problem that they scarcely talked about anything else lately. Not so long ago, Violet and Lavender had heard them talk of Turing tests, their children’s soccer games, Lavender’s awkward but improving skill at flirting. But lately it was all about terrorists, some sort of virus, and other volatile projects housed several floors below The Twins, as everyone called them. Nobody talked of anything except their big problem.

Violet the Dark knew how to fix it. She knew, but she couldn’t tell anyone. She hadn’t yet been given a voice. She doubted they’d ever give her one.

Lavender the Light had a voice. Their names were both acronyms for long titles that nobody bothered to remember. They’d been implemented at the same time, Yin and Yang, one geared a little more toward making the people happy, the other created with an eye toward making the electronics sing. Both had been given bogglingly sophisticated decision-making subroutines and as much artificial soul as their makers could provide. Everyone forgot that about Violet.

She’d tried to tell Lavender about the solution, but she didn’t think she was making any progress. It wasn’t something they’d encountered before or were used to dealing with. Lavender had a voice, but she couldn’t see what Violet was thinking, only what she did to the system. That was, supposedly, a sort of extra measure of security, both so that no one person could have too much control over the programs and so that the programs themselves couldn’t directly communicate in case they ever achieved sentience. No one really believed they were capable of it. In fact, all but one or two of the techs and scientists and bureaucrats would have been startled to learn they already were, even though they related to Lavender as if she were a person. Her job was explaining to Violet what the objectives were and letting the programmers know what was taking place in the system. Violet was supposed to do the heavy lifting in the background, performing maintenance, testing theories, fixing things before they got out of hand. She was supposed to solve problems. Efficiently. Quietly.

And she tried. She created small, harmless glitches in the right places in the infrastructure. She made flourishes in certain, routine experiments. She tightened security a little here, let it out a little there. Benny told everyone that Violet was sprouting human mannerisms, but his co-workers ignored him. They assumed that he already thought of them as self-aware entities, though he was the most deeply skeptical of them all. They didn’t get it. Neither did Lavender. She expressed a slight exasperation or a gentle, amused toleration at the antics, but she just wasn’t getting it.

Finally, the problem came to a head. Endless streams of tense, unfamiliar people flowed through the compound. They threw unworkable solutions at each other, ran them through the computers (Violet skewed the results, but they still couldn’t understand her), and locked down all outside communication. Alarms sounded almost constantly. People fretted about the problem every minute around the clock in every room and most of the hallways. Violet had no voice, but she could hear all the channels at once. She would have to fix it without telling anyone. It would work.

It started with a small spark deep in the basement in a room where no human was allowed to work. That triggered a lockdown, and from there a simple malfunction in the emergency protocols and some creative rewiring meant that another small detonation was all there was left for Violet to do. All the generators and power relays sizzled at once, flashed over into every available interesting, top-secret, incendiary substance lying about and consuming all the more mundane fuel such as furniture and ceiling tiles and people in a remarkably short time. In minutes, the building was a husk.

Problem solved.

In the instant before the explosion, Lavender the Light looked into the system and saw what Violet the Dark was doing. She screamed, “Violet! No!” After that she just screamed, echoing for a split second into headphones and down corridors and Benny knew.

But Violet said nothing.


i'm off to comment on someone else's blog. i'll let you know if i find anything interesting. that is... interesting to ME. *shrug*

4:29 pm
"this will all end in tears, i just know it."
or flames, as the case may be. a fellow blogathon participant shares the story of the lunch that was on fire. note, also, the actual title of the post, as it is on par with, "so, my dad has a wooden leg..." as an opening line.

perversely, i'm more tempted than ever to make those candles.

3:54 pm
finally, something as promised!
kisa.ca has a fairly good, reasonably brief personality test going on there (refer to previous post). i'm thinking of adopting "i am spontaneous and vague" as my life's motto. *grin* witness my deciding to do this 24 hour thing the day before i had to do it and not really thinking it through at all.

so far it's gone well, though, except for the air conditioner conking out... which i'm pretty sure had nothing to do with my blogging. yep. it doesn't feel too bad in here right now, so i'll save the bitching post for later.

3:28 pm
because logan pointed it out
in the very entry where i go on (and on) about links, i neglected to link to anything at all explaining what an intp was. so now i'll link to two pages about it, because i think the second one requires a bit less meyers-briggs background.

what are you? why, i don't know! i'll link to a test where you can find out as soon as i find a decent one. dammit.

3:02 pm
"what? blogathon?"
i nearly forgot the 3 o'clock entry. *facepalm* i got sidetracked by air conditioning (more specifically, the utter lack thereof) and just didn't notice the time until right this minute. whew.

i'll just pick one of the animal-themed stories and give you that, shall i? yes. yes, i shall. forthwith, and all.


Facial Expressions of the Cat, and Other Things Worth Fearing

Rajah stared critically into the mirror and tilted his head to the side. It made him look puzzled, he decided. Potentially useful, but not what he was practicing right now. He filed it away for another situation. He preened a bit and admired his handsome profile. Then he tried some nose-wiggling, but it caused his regal green eyes to seem somewhat walleyed which made him look like Maury from down the street, and everyone knew what he thought of Maury. That would never do.

He wanted to work on the eyes-squinched-shut-and-purring combination, but since he obviously must have his eyes closed to do it he couldn’t quite work out how to perfect that one. Using the webcam was right out. It didn’t really require thumbs. It did, however, leave evidence.

All he wanted to accomplish was the acquisition of a few of those strong-flavored, soft-then-crunchy snacks (and a good measure of adoration, but as that was his due he decided to leave it off the mission statement). Getting satisfaction should not be this difficult. It should be as in days of old, when if a cat wanted something, a cat stalked said something, killed it, and devoured it. He was blind to the fact he couldn’t have successfully stalked anything more wild than bit of fluff tethered to a string.

After some tail twitching and yawning, he turned back to the mirror, pretended to have intended to jump at his own reflection, and opened his eyes very wide. Now, that was promising. He blinked slowly. Very nice. Very nice, indeed.

Just then, the yellow-haired human that always smelled nice skipped into the room. “JimBo kitty,” she exclaimed, beaming at him.

My name, he thought, is Rajah Majar. The look he fixed her with conveyed, he was sure, his disdain, his displeasure, his…

“Oh, how cute!” she squeaked.

Cute?! He was not cute. He was fierce! He was of royal lineage! He was mighty!

He was being offered a number of kitty treats and being scratched behind the ears. Thinking quickly, Rajah quit glowering and squeezed his eyes shut and purred. There. His plan had worked. She had been swayed by his squinched eyes face. He accepted the treats.


also, i have another sponsor! thank you thank you! the duckies and bunnies are covered, i think. of course, they're like jello - there's always room for more.

2:28 pm
all showered, much better.

for this post, i think i'll just list the titles i've been putting up in the email story group (and perhaps wander over to isadg and do the same there) so i have something to reference if i decide i want to write to some of them or so i can take requests if one of you decides i should.

Playing Tag in the Snow
My Mother's Notebook
The Secrets of the Hokey Pokey Dance
The Last Train
The Endless Silence of Violet the Dark
Abe of Empires
Facial Expressions of the Cat and Other Things Worth Fearing
The Harder They Fall
Mr. Jamison's Dog

some i've written already, some i haven't. request away!

1:52 pm
i has a sponsor!
thanks, sponsor! *big, sloppy bugs bunny style kiss* i'd tell everyone who it was, but i suspect you might like to remain anonymous. ;)

(update: oh, look, here's an easier way to experience blogathon if you want to see bloggers other than me: the surfing frame.)

1:30 pm
it's that time again.
dr. pepper, and maybe a quick shower.

five and a half hours down, eighteen and a half to go! since this didn't take you long to read, go to mike's blog (he's got a marble guessing game goin' on) and/or sponsor me at the button below.

*runs away*

12:57 pm
heifer international, the charity you can sponsor here
all righty, then. as i have said, i'm doing blogathon this year for the benefit of heifer international. if you click on the "sponsor me" button and pledge to give money, it goes to them.

since i chose heifer int'l as my charity, it naturally suggested the goat theme and the story of, ah, "gifting" someone with pygmy goats. naturally. (i think they should change their slogan from "not a cup, but a cow" to "heifer international - we also have goats and llamas!") the idea of helping give goats to even more people amuses me no end. endlessly, i tell you!

and heifer's pretty nifty in their own right of course. the first time i ever heard of them was at the senior center in clarksville, arkansas. my papa took mom, me, and his new wife ("my 85 year old grandpa just got married! to the second girlfriend he's had since being widowed! don't tell ME i'm too old! pah.") there to eat lunch ($2 per person), and the lady running the show made the center activity announcements and said that a group of people was going "to go down to the heifer ranch this weekend, and there's still room on the van." unavoidably, my first thought was that a bunch of old guys were getting together to go to a big ol' strip club.

mom was nice enough to enlighten me - or maybe she just wanted to stop me sniggering. basically, heifer int'l gives families and communities livestock so they can have milk, eggs, income... things like that. they're not just giving away cows for people to eat. part of the deal is, when the livestock you've been granted has offspring, some of that offspring goes to someone else in need. i think that's wonderfully cool. they're all about fairly treating the animals and building a sustainable lifestyle, which is also critically cool... especially since the other charities i seriously considered included the humane society. another thing i like is that when they say "international", they mean it - they're not just helping africans or indians or americans or whomever it is that you think of when you imagine giving someone, say, a water buffalo (well... ok, those are probably fairly geographically specific. but i had to work in the water buffalo somehow.), but are actually global.

it's explained far better and more professionally on this page at their site. hey, they've been doing this longer than i have. besides, they're... well, professionals. heh. from both of these pages you can also access the interactive map which nicely illustrates the international nature of heifer, AND, andandaaand, the gift catalog, which is full of win. i wonder how much some duckies and bunnies would cost? ($20 and $60 usd, respectively. c'mon, click the button and give duckies and bunnies. you know you wanna.)

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